79th Judicial District Attorney - Serving Jim Wells & Brooks Counties
Community Service Division
This page is a "work in progress" but will be revamped soon; however, there are several items that are ready that I did not want to wait to put out there.  The documents that are going to be listed below are educational documents, one is a document that summarizes the different stages of a case in the criminal justice system and the others are safety tips to help prevent future crimes.

Serving Up Justice is the 79th Judicial District Attorney Office's community outreach project which consists of educational programs aimed at preventing crime by increasing public awareness and educating the community about the criminal justice system. The District Attorney's Office participates in many area events and has many educational programs available. 

Crime prevention programs currently available include:
                                  Child Abuse                        Stranger Danger
                                  Elder Abuse                        Theft, Fraud, & Identity Theft
                                  Anti-Bullying                        Domestic Violence
                                  Firearm Safety                    Anti-Drug/Substance Abuse
                                  Home Protection                 Identity Theft

Educational programs include:
                                  Stages of the Criminal Justice System 
                                  Family Violence
                                  Crime Victim's Rights
                                  Careers in Criminal Justice
                                  Self Defense Law in Texas
                                  State of Justice (A periodic report of the DA's office or current issue)

Sponsored programs provided by other organizations include:
                                 Palmer Drug Abuse Program
                                 Brush Country CASA 
                                 Crime Stoppers of South Texas
                                 Choose to Change Foundation
                                 Learning for Life Bully-Prevention & Anti-Substance Abuse Program
                                 Child Advocacy Center of the Coastal Bend
                                 Women's Shelter of South Texas

The Serving Up Justice programs offered range between half an hour and a full day.  Each of the programs are presented in an age-appropriate manner depending on the audience to be addressed.  The presentations are done by members of the District Attorney's staff including prosecutors, investigators, legal assistants, and crime victim's advocates. 

Future Developments of the Serving Up Justice Program
The District Attorney's Office is looking to increase the Serving Up Justice resources by recruiting volunteers from our community to assist us.  We are also looking for sponsors to help provide food and activities at future events.  Some ideas for future programs include adding a meal with one of the programs. 

Scheduling a Serving Up Justice Program
If you are interested in scheduling a Serving Up Justice Program, volunteering, or becoming a sponsoring, please call the District Attorney's Office at (361)668-5716 and ask for Vivian or Ashley.  Please note that time slots are limited throughout the year due to the caseloads, court settings, pre-trial preparation matters, and other conflicts in the normal schedule of the District Attorney's Office.

2014 Summer Internship Program- Positions have been filled
The District Attorney's Office will be accepting applications for the 2014 Summer Internship Program.  The Internship program will run from June 1, 2014 through August 30, 2014.  The program is open to junior and senior level high school students, college students, and graduate students who are residents of Jim Wells or Brooks County.  Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled.  Applications should be submitted to Vivian Lara, Office Manager.  Applicants who have already submitted applications for part-time summer employment do not have to re-apply, your original application will be used to consider you for the internship program.


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